Soul Song

World was such a lonely place for Alice. Being close to her 30th birthday she already saw all her friends singing the soulmate song and settling down. And now, when the next semi-annual mating festival was approaching again, pain had double power for she lost all her hope.

Ice cream it Is!

There wasn’t, there isn’t and there will not be better solution for sadness. She indulged herself in sweet cookie dough and watched Netflix till she basically passed out in bed.

Suddenly a strange noise woke her up. Nervous wake-up swirl on bed threw ice cream melt in the air and they land lid side on brand new duvet. Half sleeping, half shooketh she stood up to get a new one when she heard another noise coming from downstairs. So, it wasn’t a nightmare, nor my fat ass. She said to herself and proceeded with caution

Someone was clearly downstairs or it was just her imagination? Maybe her cat was misbehaving as he sometimes was? She went downstairs and looked into the living room to check, only to see back of a person that was going through her drawers with no cat to be seen around.

Alice immediately covered behind a wall and took some deep breath to calm herself down. She was scared. But when she calmed her breath, she heard another noise… It was a voice, mumbling. B… but… She stuttered is this my soul song?! She was torn apart… First, she couldn’t find her soulmate for over 12 years and then it appeared to be burglar? No! I’m not accepting this! She screamed in her thoughts but as the mysterious person went to search through another drawer closer to her hideaway and she was able to better hear mumbling, her heart couldn’t help itself. Butterflies in her stomach, heart was pounding like crazy, … She jumped out from behind the wall and exploded with music! Singing her soul song!

Burglar jumped back ready to run away as fast as they can but just after a few steps the shock went away and a familiar tone filled their ears.

Oh, but that… can’t be… They couldn’t believe! Love filled their heart and immediately started to fight with inner shame. But they also couldn’t help themselves. Music swam through their veins and filled every cell of their body till they started to sing with tears.

Now they both cried and continued with their soul song till they fell on the floor in front of each other and hugged.

Pain of their lives went away and all sins were forgotten in eyes of another as they’ve found themselves. At the eve of the Mating festival.

The Mating festival was the most important event of the year. On special venues richly decorated with symbols of love and affection people that had yet to found their soulmate met to sing their soul songs. Songs that were deep programmed inside their hearts, songs that only they and their soulmate knew. You couldn’t learn the other person soul song. You just need to know it. And if they did, they bonded for life.

For they both lost their hope, they made mistakes. Now, it was the time for the new chapter of their book.

O autorze

Młody Rotterdamczyk, na co dzień cicha woda.

Piszę od 13-stego roku życia. Od tej pory prowadziłem kilka blogów, eksperymentowałem z gatunkami, środkami przekazu, zapisałem kilkanaście notesów i zeszytów opowiadaniami, listami, rozprawami, przeczytałem setki książek, które były inspiracją dla kolejnych godzin przy biurku z długopisem.

Gdy wszedłem w dorosłe życie, obowiązki, zawirowania i jego tempo gdzieś wypchnęło mnie z flow. Przestałem czytać książki, pisać. Odłożyłem pasję na półkę i próbowałem się „realizować” w innych dziedzinach.

Ta strona jest niejako moją próbą powrotu do pisania. Chcę by była ona zbiorem (według mnie) najlepszych moich tekstów i fragmentów książki którą piszę.

Gdy nie bawię się w pisarza jestem zwyczajnym człowiekiem. Staram się być dobrym dla innych i spędzić swoje lata robiąc to co kocham z tymi których kocham.